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High Mountain (2000m) Black Tea - Mountain Stream Teas

Tea material from this elevation is very rarely are made into black tea as the oolong tea made from the leaves is much more valuable to the grower. This farm has used that material to create an amazingly soft and fruity black tea that changes the high floral notes of the Qinxin cultivar into rich ripe stone fruit notes through full oxidization.

Organic Alishan Oolong - Mountain Stream Teas

There is a reason that Alishan Oolong is famous(and expensive) and this tea is the best expression of it that we have ever found. Bright, floral, sweet, oceanic, and all the other descriptors used for Alishan Oolong can be found within these tightly rolled balls of leaf. The catch is that it is wildly expensive. Grown on the only organic farm in the Alishan area proper(that we know of)…