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OLD MASTER BLACK - Mountain Stream Teas

Made by an 80 year old tea master in Pinglin, this rare and slightly sweet black tea is earthy, unpolished and true. Considered the father of organic farming in Taiwan, his garden has been chemical free for many decades and the teas produced there can be sold out years in advance. This tea is a real treat and is a favorite among black tea drinkers for its strength, softness and depth.

Premium Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea (Bai Hao) - Daurim

Its unique honey scent, Mi Xiang, is the result of a tiny insect called Jacobiasca formosana (leafhopper). When the leaves are bitten by Jacobiasca formosana, they secrete a hormone that releases a complex bouquet of honeyed, floral, and fruity notes. Due to its appearance characterized by the white fur on leaves, the tea is called Bai Hao (白毫: white fur)