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Morning Monk Hakka Green Tea - Great Horse Teas

Morning Monk Hakka Green Tea - Great Horse Teas


Morning Monk Hakka Green Tea

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From Great Horse Teas:

…what the Hakka call “lu Cha”. It just means green tea and I suspect you would find variety within that cultivar.

Season: n/a

Oxidation: 10-20%

Region: Fengshun, Meizhou, Meixian, Guandong, China

Meizhou is rich in mineral and tourism resources. It has 48 kinds of minerals including coal, iron, limestone, rare clay and porcelain clay amongst others. Of these reserves manganese is ranked first in Guangdong Province. Meizhou has plenty of water resources, hot springs and certified mineral waters. There are tourism resources such as cultural historic sites constructed during the Tang Dynasty, former residences of notable figures, natural scenery of all kinds, and unique Hakka cultural sights. [wikipedia]

Elevation: ~314m

Description from site:

This tea is the most popular tea in Meizhou City. It is therefore always the freshest. In the surrounding tea mountains of Meizhou the organically grown leaves are processed in much the same way as they have been for more than 500 years since the Hakka first settled in Northern Guangdong. The leaves are hand-picked and sun dried which gives them a grey-green powdery appearance with an accompanying mineral, vegetal and fresh taste. This is a solid everyday drinking tea and is easy on an empty stomach. This is not a factory tea but is produced locally in the villages. The detoxifying effects will noticeably improve ones health after a few weeks of daily drinking.

Recommend Brewing Style:

Since a recommended brewing style is not provided on the site, I will be borrowing from the other two Chinese greens that I purchased off the site:
• 1.7g (about 1.7 teaspoons) for 200ml
• 165-170f
• 1-2 minutes per steep
• For subsequent infusions, increase the steeping time and water temperature.

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