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051 | Graceful Hill | 金萱素馨茶 - Té Company

051 | Graceful Hill | 金萱素馨茶 - Té Company


051 | Graceful Hill | 金萱素馨茶 - Té Company

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Cultivar: JinXuan #12 (Golden Daylily) or Nai Xiang (Milk Oolong) [teapedia]

From teapedia:

Jin Xuan (金萱; pinyin: jīn xuān; literally "Golden Daylily") is a 1980 developed variety of Oolong tea. Jin Xuan is a cross between Ying Zhi Hong Xin and TTSE #8. This varietal is also suitable for green and black tea.

From Té Company:

Graceful hill oolong is made from Jinxuan cultivar, known for producing teas that's scented with fresh cut butter. The infusion is refined and soft, giving off bouquet of wild flowers and tropical mountain fern. The texture is pure and elegant finishing with hints of nutty almonds. It is especially soothing on a summer night.

Season: n/a

Oxidation: 20%

Region: Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan [map]
From Té Company:

Graceful Hill came from Yilan County, northeastern part of the island. The lowland region is not one with famous tea varietals known to the world. Most Yilan produced tea is consumed locally amongst villages, causing it to be rare and unique. Dongshan tea gardens are situated by the Pacific coast amongst small rolling hills, which brings plenty of rainfall and moisture. The mild temperature and frequent fogs nurture the tea leaves making them soft and tender.

Elevation: 400 meters

Description from site:

Tea maker: Lee Guei

Roast : Light

Flavor Profile : Wild flowers, fern, almond paste

Mouth feel : Light bodied, delicate, soft

Recommend Brewing Style:

A recommended brewing style was not provided on the site. The below was recommended for a similar tea.

• 3-5g per 100ml
• 100C water, 30, 45, 60 then add 5-10 seconds steeps in gaiwan.
• Lasts 4-5 steeps.

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