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Fo shou (Buddha's-hand) 佛手 - Wuyi Origin

Fo shou (Buddha's-hand) 佛手 - Wuyi Origin


Fo shou (Buddha's-hand) 佛手 - Wuyi Origin

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Cultivar: Xiang Yuan

From Babelcarp:

xiangyuan (Xiang1 Yuan2) = a Yong Chun and Wuyishan long-leaf oolong cultivar also grown in Taiwan, literally Citron (香橼 or 香櫞)

Fo shou (Fo2 Shou3) = alternate name for Xiang Yuan, literally Buddha Hand (佛手); also, short name for Foshoucha

From Teapedia:

Fo Shou (佛手), literally translated as "Buddha's Hand" is a Oolong. He is also known as Xiang Yuan, a citrus fruit smells like the scent of Fou Shou. The citrus fruit looks like a hand with many fingers out what the name of Buddha led hand. Fo Shou is in China, grown in Yongchun, Fujian Wuyishan and in and in Shiding, Taiwan. In Taiwan, the green, rolled variants predominate are made while in Fujian of darker and "twisted" Oolong.

Season: May 10th 2018

Oxidation: Unspecified

Roast: Medium

Region: Da shui keng, Wuyishan, Nanpin, Fujian, China [map]

From Wikipedia:

A local subsection of the Wuyishan Mountain range, which forms the entirety of the geological and political divide between the provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi, is a front-rank national park called simply Wuyi Mountains. Since 1999 the park zone has been recognised by UNESCO as part of the world's natural and cultural heritage.


Unspecified. The lowest altitude in the mountains is 200m, while the highest is Mount Huanggang at 2,158 metres. The airport of Wuyishan lies at 196 m

Description from site:

Fo shou in Wuyi is different from the Fo shou in Yongchun, it is an Wuyi Wulong. Becasue its leaves are as big as Buddha's-hands,we call it Fo shou. This Fo shou was medium roasted, with the Pear aroma, and a clean and thick soup. An exquisite tea.

Recommend Brewing Style:

• 6g per 200ml
• ~97C water (208F)
• 15-20s. Add 15 seconds per steep

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