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Bai Ji Guan (white Rooster Crest) 白鸡冠 - Wuyi Origin

Bai Ji Guan (white Rooster Crest) 白鸡冠 - Wuyi Origin


Bai Ji Guan (white Rooster Crest) 白鸡冠 - Wuyi Origin

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Cultivar: Bai Ji Gaun

Bai Ji Gaun is a Si Da Ming Cong and a very light Wuyi Oolong tea.
Legend has it that the name of this tea (White Cockscomb) was given by a monk in memorial of a courageous rooster that sacrificed his life while protecting his baby from an eagle. Touched by the display of courage and love, the monk buried the rooster and from that spot, the Bai Ji Guan tea bush grew. [wikipedia]

Season: May 11, 2018

Oxidation: ~60%

Tasting Notes: sweet, floral

Roasting: 1 time Charcoal fire roasting, 100 degrees for 16hours

Region: San yang peak 三仰峰 (Wu Yi Zheng Yan Garden) Wu Yi Mountains, North-East Fujian, China

The Wuyi Mountains, also known as Bohea Hills in earlier Western documents, are a mountain range located in the prefecture of Nanping, in northern Fujian province near the border with Jiangxi provinceChina. The highest peak in the area is Mount Huanggang at 2,158 metres (7,080 ft) on the border of Fujian and Jiangxi, making it the highest point of both provinces
The Wuyi Mountains have a long history of tea cultivation. The four most widely known varieties of Wuyi tea are referred to as the Four Famous BushesBig Red RobeIron ArhatWhite Cockscomb, and Golden TurtleLapsang souchongalso originates from the area.
Mt.Wuyi area is the birthplace of tea picking opera. Developed from local folk dances and songs, the opera is hilarious and describes people’s daily lives. The Tea Picking Opera has strong rural flavour and basics of Hakka culture in its performances. This has made it popular in the local areas. [wikipedia]

Elevation: ~417m

Description from Wuyi Origin:

Bai Ji Guan is one of the Four Famouse ancient varieties, in Chinese we call: Si Da Ming Cong (四大名枞 Four Famouse Bushes of Wu Yi Cliff tea). Because of its lower yield, and late harvest time, only some farmers here still keep this Cultivar. For most of the Rock Tea drinkers, Bai Ji Guan is an interesting tea in name and look. The tasting is quite different from other Rock tea. Because of its thin texture of the leaves, the roasting level of Bai Ji Guan is always lightly roasting style, keeping its unique and floral characteristics.
This Bai Ji Guan with very uniform looking leaves, very exquisite aroma, and quite sweet and deep in the soup.

Recommend Brewing Style:
• 8g for 200ml
• 98c (208f)
• 5 seconds, adding 3 seconds per steep.

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