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2018 Jinjunmei 金骏眉 (honey aroma) - Wuyi Origin

2018 Jinjunmei 金骏眉 (honey aroma) - Wuyi Origin


2018 Jinjunmei 金骏眉 (honey aroma)

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Fu yun No 6

(“Fujian-Yunnan No. 6”). From tea-drunk:

In a continuous effort to increase yield and manage budding evenness and seasonality, Fu Yun #6 quickly became so popular in many tea regions, including Fu Ding, it is now the most common varietal harvested and sold in the region. 

However, its lack of complexity and fullness make this tea a frowned upon varietal by conservative connoisseurs (when it comes to white tea).

Season: April 5th 2018

Oxidation: 100%

Region: Huang gang shan [map]

Mount Huanggang (Chinese: 黄岗山) is the highest peak in the UNESCO designated Wuyi Mountains, China. It separates and is the highest point of both Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. Qing shi yan ( zheng yan ,rocky lands, generally), Wuyishan, Nanpin, Fujian, China. A local subsection of the Wuyishan Mountain range, which forms the entirety of the geological and political divide between the provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi, is a front-rank national park called simply Wuyi Mountains. Since 1999 the park zone has been recognised by UNESCO as part of the world's natural and cultural heritage. [wikipedia]


Unspecified. The lowest altitude in the mountains is 200m, while the highest is Mount Huanggang at 2,158 metres. The airport of Wuyishan lies at 196 m

Description from site:

Fermentation level : full -fermentated tea Picking Standard: using the early spring top buds to be processed this tea , Feature: Quite honey aroma, a sweet and smooth soup with good tea essence and body.

Recommend Brewing Style:

Brewing style was not provided by the source, so this was found from a similar tea:
• 5g for 200ml
• 96c (205f)
• 6 seconds. Add 3 seconds per steep.

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