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The type of tea considers how the tea was produced, and sometimes the variety, or cultivar, of the plants used. Some types of tea require a specific cultivar, while others can be produced using various cultivars.



A “cultivar” is a genetic variety of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis.
From Teapedia:

Cultivar or varietal should not be confused with type of tea… A type of tea can be made from different varietals and still have the same name…In China, the birthplace of tea culture, there are countless varieties. Often, variety and kind of tea are the same. This is particularly the case with oolong. On the other hand for the same tea can different varietals be used. [teapedia]



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Minimal Oxidation



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Light Oxidation



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8% - 50% oxidation



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50%-80% Oxidation



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100% oxidation