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The JinXuan Cultivar

JinXuan #12 (Golden Daylily) or Nai Xiang (Milk Oolong) [teapedia]

From teapedia:

Jin Xuan (金萱; pinyin: jīn xuān; literally "Golden Daylily") is a 1980 developed variety of Oolong tea. Jin Xuan is a cross between Ying Zhi Hong Xin and TTSE #8. This varietal is also suitable for green and black tea.

From wikipedia:

It originates from Taiwan. The taste is light, creamy, and flowery and sometimes compared to milk. This tea variety can be grown at higher altitudes, and the yield is about 20% higher compared to traditional tea varieties. These circumstances made it become one of the most popular varieties among tea farmers in Taiwan and Thailand.


  • Taiwan

  • Thailand

Manufactured from JinXuan: