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Clark Worthington - Founder

I started The Tea Archive in November of 2018, really as a way to keep track of all the tea that I was drinking. I had started to look up information about the teas that I had been drinking, and found major a lack of information online. Many of my questions were either not answered online, or the answers were spread out in sparse articles across many sites. Many pages that listed the teas were also taken down after they were out of stock.

My goal is to not review tea, but to offer and aggregate information about teas onto one site, in a place that you can return to for reliably reference.

I hope to not only continue adding many teas, but to add greater filtering/sorting options along with personalized organizational features.

I will be starting with Taiwanese and Chinese teas, as those are what I typically drink, but am open to adding any tea to the database. My only qualifiers are that they are not blends, and that some information (including the geographic origin) is provided about the tea.

If you would like to contact me, please email